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Who We Are

 Citi Polytechnic is a distinct Educational Institute that combines academic excellence with technology and innovation.

Our goal is to produce the right human capital for National Development and taking the role of capacity building towards creating successful skilled leaders of tomorrow.

What We Do

We are committed to providing training and retraining of skilled manpower that ranks among the best, that is refined, innovative, self-reliant, adoptable, creative, disciplined and responsive.

In Citi Polytechnic we have task ourselves to be a leading institution with great initiatives to provide life long opportunity for self-actualization and proficiency in specialized skills, up-date student’s knowledge through the access of relevant manpower and up-to-date information.

We assure you that our programmes, and training process will lead to the production of pool of relevant and manpower congruent to global requirements

We are very passionate about what we do, you can be assured of excellent teaching, individual attention and outstanding resources. Our dedicated team of staff is here to encourage and support you through your studies with the ultimate aim of helping you to achieve your full potentials, securing a goof qualification and developing the wide range of skills necessary forwarding a career.

Why Choose Our Institution?

Our core values are Learning, Integrity, Excellence and Service

To pursue champions capacity building through creating successful entrepreneurs and good leaders of tomorrow.

Scholarship Facility

The focus of this center is in line with our mandate to engaging in empowerment scheme and skill acquisition through (training) teaching. the center is headed by a director and is directly supervised by the rector.

Skilled Lecturers

We hope to develop this institution into practical-oriented citadel of learning and maintain reputation as a world-class institution that encourages all its students to promote sustainable development.

Book Library & Store

The library department which is the heart of the Polytechnic in the performance of its primary functions of teaching, learning and research. 


Our Mission 

Our mission is to afford the growing number of Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike the needed opportunity for acquiring functional education which is essential in becoming responsible citizens.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to become a first choice technical institution (polytechnic) in Nigeria based on enduring hard work, discipline, sincerity, probity and accountability. This will be achieved through creative innovation driven by knowledge, technology and strategic thinking.

Objectives of our Mission

  1. To provide value orientation infused with the spirit to win.
  2. To position and re-invent polytechnic education to meet its core mandates.
  3. To engage in empowerment and skills acquisition schemes through self-employment and entrepreneurial training thereby making citizens employment givers instead of employment seekers.